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Hi, I'm Josh Richards

I'm a Software Engineer at Xero where I help modernise the Invoicing Platform. I also love to build simple web apps to solve everyday problems.

Feel free to email me at


Xero (2020 - Present)

A Software Engineer at the cloud accounting company Xero. I develop full stack, secure, scalable code that powers the Invoicing platform. Our mission is to help the hundreds of thousands of small business Xero customers get paid.

Hedges (2021 - 2022)

The technical co-founder for a financial portfolio management mobile app. Hedges was envisioned to help users track their investments and net worth. I was responsible for building the mobile app and backend services from scratch.

CR Automation (2018 - 2020)

An Engineering Intern at the automation engineering firm CR Automation. I was tasked with building a business intelligence agent that would send and receive data from multiple sources concurrently.


Piano Theory (2024)

An app where users can learn to play various chords and scales using a virtual piano. Piano Theory has over 500 unique visitors and was built with React, Tailwind, and Redux.

Album Listen List (2023)

A place for users to aggregate all of the Spotify albums they plan to listen to, rate their favourites, and share their list with friends. Album Listen List gets over 150 monthly users with over 500 registered users. It was built using React, Firebase, and Spotify Auth.

Ticker Tracker (2021)

A platform where users can aggregate all of their investments into one location. Ticker Tracker has over 650 registered users and was built with React, Firebase, and Yahoo Finance for financial data.


Hedges: A Startup Retrospective

Learn about my journey working with a co-founder to build an ambitious personal finance platform.

Using Firebase Auth in Insomnia

How to use Firebases authorisation system in Insomnia the right way.